Perhaps you've heard of coaching and want to try it. Maybe you know a little bit about it and you're skeptical. Or it could be that you are fully briefed on what coaching is, but want to know where and how to begin.

You've come to the right place. Here's everything you've ever wanted to know about coaching but were afraid to ask.


What is leadership coaching?

Leadership coaching (or business/executive coaching) is the process of helping develop someone to their full workplace potential - be they a junior new hire, a seasoned CEO, or anything in between. 

At Pencil or Ink, our coaches focus on three areas, with the exact balance tailored to client needs:

  1. Communications skills: building, refining, and revisiting as needed;
  2. Problem solving: workshopping challenges, ideas, and solutions
  3. Career development: helping you create or perfect a career plan - and helping you get there.


Why get a leadership coach?

To get better at what you do.

To gain a third-party perspective on your professional career.

To hold you accountable.

To advise and mentor you.

To bounce ideas around with. 

To get honest, well-intentioned feedback.

To get personalized support and mentorship from a professional.

Different coaches vary in their approach - and you should be sure to interview a prospective coach to learn theirs - but the common thread is helping each coachee to improve their performance and refine their approach to work.

(Our philosophy is outlined in greater detail here.)


Who provides leadership coaching?

These days it seems like everyone and their mother is a coach. With so many out there, it should be easy to find a good fit, but be sure to check your coach's credentials.

Pencil or Ink's coaches are experienced, well-trained, and flexible. In an initial session, you (and/or your manager) and your coach will talk through your goals, challenges, and expectations. The coach will answer your questions, and outline a draft plan for subsequent sessions. The plan will be revisited and adapted throughout the coaching engagement to reflect your progress and achievements, with regular check-ins to gauge how things are going.


Is it confidential? What if I don't like my coach?

Ask your coach such questions in session number one. Coaching with Pencil or Ink is always confidential (with your consent, we might keep your boss informed of progress with learning skills if applicable - but nothing beyond that).

If you don't click with your coach, tell them and ask if they work or can recommend another coach.  If you work with us here at Pencil or Ink we'd be happy to rematch you to another coach. 


How do I go about engaging a coach?

Ask your company leaders or HR department if they have an existing relationship with a coach or coaching firm. That's a good place to start - and be sure to give feedback on your coach to whomever is footing the bill (and to the coach him or herself - if they don't take feedback well, that's a red flag).

Or call us - we'll take a little time to learn your goals and needs before matching you to a coach for a trial session. 


Coaching is a great way to get ahead - either through self-improvement or by developing your team in partnership with a coach.

For more information on coaching, talk to us or visit this page.