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Women & Leadership

“Be loud.” “Assert yourself.” “Stand tall.”

Qualities we often associate with leadership are overwhelmingly masculine. Yet good leadership reflects a diversity of traits and approaches.


creating connection

We start by facilitating real discussion among women who work together. Beyond providing participants a space to share and be heard, frank discussion helps gauge the status quo and provides a foundation on which to build.

amplifying impact

We then focus on targeted, personalized skill-building in practical dialogue and presence techniques.

Rather than coaching women to “be more masculine” or to simply act out a role – our skills are about amplifying the presence of the individual.


Problem-Solving & Skill-Building

  • Speaking with impact

  • Making sure you are heard - and given credit

  • Handling interruptions

  • Owning your place at the table

  • Lifting one another up

“Thanks so much for coming to see us yesterday. It was a great meeting! Pretty much everyone felt good about sharing their experiences and we all walked away better for the opportunity. I’m excited for the future.” - Women & Leadership participant, July 2018.