Working with Us

Pencil or Ink, in the words of our clients:



“Prepared, knowledgeable, and efficient. You are quite excellent at what you do.”

- Senior Nonprofit Leader - and participant in an offsite Ellie facilitated in October 2018.

My coach "was fantastic - intuitive, helpful, and strategic. In our first hour working together, I got targeted advice for issues I was having with my communication and sales approach. I walked away with 4-5 strategies I could implement right away. I recommend [PoI's coaching] to anyone in a leadership position or looking to grow their business."



"When it comes to communication the voice of expertise is [Pencil or Ink Founder] Ellie Hearne. I have worked with Ellie one-on-one and hired her to do a number of projects for Bamboo Talent over the years - and with good reason. Under her leadership, Pencil or Ink has helped create written content we use every day, prepared us for public-speaking engagements, trained our leadership team and staff, and conducted insightful personality assessments. 

"What differentiates Ellie is that she is incredibly smart and able to strategically align herself with your business or mission. Her approach is always considered and she is our go-to example of what makes someone professional - a true student of her craft who genuinely 'walks the walk'.

"After working with Ellie, we are highly attuned to the impact good communications can have. It is the core of great leadership after all, and Ellie brings years of research, training, and hands-on experience to help her clients get results."


Pencil or Ink Team Workshop Facilitation

Pencil or Ink "helps teams work better together and achieve stronger results. They facilitated a strategic offsite meeting for my own team earlier this year, and we were impressed by their command of the content, their authoritative approach, and their ability to guide a productive (and fun!) discussion among our cross-functional group. I recommend Pencil or Ink without reservation."


Ellie Hearne Pencil or Ink founder

"Ellie’s authoritative approach to communications is a breath of fresh air. She knows what works, what does not, and how to diplomatically push back when required. I’ve worked with her a few times over the years and have been continually impressed by the insights she offers - she always has an eye on the big picture."