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Discovering Team Effectiveness

Team success starts with self awareness, layers in “other awareness,” and translates both into action.


Individual Insights

Insights Discovery is sticky, effective way to improve self-awareness, communications, and the way a team shows up internally and beyond. (It’s also fun.)

Prior to the workshop, we share a simple, quick personality evaluator with participants via email.


Laying thE groundwork

Our Team Effectiveness workshop kicks off with discussion about perception at work and why self awareness is the number one trait of successful leaders. We unpack various personality qualities, knowing that all are accessible to everyone - and that small tweaks to our approaches can make us more effective (without changing who we are).


Making it happen

Incorporating fun, non-cringeworthy exercises throughout, the workshop lays the groundwork for the enhanced individual and team performance, gives participants the tools to get the most from their profiles, and highlights how our in-built preferences impact our communications, behavior, and stress levels.

A Typical agenda:

  • Steps to Personal Effectiveness

  • Perception

  • Colors & Preferences

  • Individual Profiles/Team “Wheel“

  • Recognizing type/adapting to connect

  • Action-planning

Your team walks away energized, better connected, and equipped with practical techniques for working better together and with other stakeholders.

Learn more about Insights here.

“We weren’t sure what to expect, but Insights with Ellie was a real crowdpleaser. We picked up useful info about how we tend to interact (particularly under stress) and it’s changed how we interact as a team. It was also a nice change of pace from our usual team meetings - we enjoyed it enormously.” - Team Effectiveness participant, December 2017.