Insights for your people, breakthroughs for your business.

Insights Discovery is a simple, sticky way to create a blueprint for individual and team development. Paired with a facilitated workshop tailored to individual goals and challenges, Insights profiling can make a quick and lasting difference to the way your team functions. (It’s also fun.)

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Why Us?

We know Insights, and a whole lot more. Our founder Ellie Hearne is an accredited Insights practitioner (since 2013), accomplished coach, and expert facilitator. In 2017, Insights selected her from their practitioner base to represent the company among its highest-profile clients. She’s also accredited in Insights Transformational Leadership.

Ellie has worked with Apple, Google, Kate Spade, Marriott, Morgan Stanley, Oracle, Pfizer, Spotify, Starbucks, and Twitter, as well as numerous small businesses and startups. Raised near Insights headquarters in Dundee, Scotland, she wears her Insights colors with pride.


Why Now?

Enhance team effectiveness

Improve communications

Develop & engage talent

Navigate personalities at work

Manage change smoothly

Build resilience

Deliver self-awareness

Provide targeted coaching

Highlight blindspots

Define leadership style

Play to your strengths

Learn more about Insights via this video.

Clients who love Insights:

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“Probably the best assessment I have been through.”

—John, participant in a virtual Insights session held in July 2019.