Ellie Hearne, Pencil or Ink Founder & CEO. // Photo credit:  Arrow Images , 2017.

Ellie Hearne, Pencil or Ink Founder & CEO. // Photo credit: Arrow Images, 2017.


Ellie Hearne started Pencil or Ink after spending 10+ years helping people communicate.

As a coach, content expert, and facilitator, she has seen firsthand the impact robust communication has on businesses, individuals, and teams.

Ellie has worked closely with leaders and aspiring leaders at Apple, Google, Kate Spade, Marriott International, Morgan Stanley, Oracle, Pfizer, Piaget, Spotify, Starbucks, and Twitter, as well as numerous small businesses and startups.

A published writer and accomplished public speaker, she has worked in London, New Delhi, and New York, and many places besides.

Prior to founding Pencil or Ink, she spent years in nonprofit communications, before becoming a consultant for London’s Addison, and more recently VP of SNP Communications’ NYC office.

Ellie earned a Master’s degree with first-class honors from the University of St Andrews, after also studying at Washington College in Maryland (Dean’s List). She's been a licensed practitioner of Insights Discovery since 2013 and currently sits on the Insights Advisory Council. She is a member of the prestigious CoachSource network.

Ellie is also an ambassador for GlobalScot - an organization dedicated to advancing Scotland's status in the global business community. 

She was born in Ireland and raised in Scotland, but Ellie’s a New Yorker at heart.



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